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oscar schmidt autoharp serial number

Springs were retensioned. Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Serial Number Database. There can be any number of ukelins with the same serial number. I believe this to be a "B" model based off of the owners manual. C $105.72. (Menzenhauer was the … To this day, their 15- and 21- chord autoharps compete well with Oscar Schmidts' baseline 15 and 12-chord Autoharps, but if you want to look for instruments with upgrade features and metter materials than the standard models, you'll be looking at Oscar Schmidt's. Beginning around 1945 these serial numbers allow us to date the instrument. 4.5 out of 5 stars 34. Owner (REGISTRANT) INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL CORPORATION CORPORATION NEW JERSEY JERSEY CITY NEW JERSEY (LAST LISTED OWNER) WASHBURN INTERNATIONAL, INC. Vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp, 12 Chord, 36 String, Serial # 4648. I have the original owners manual and tuning wrench, but again there is not date. This Autoharp's Serial Number is ***** listed anywhere, this style was made in the early to mid 20thC, it is reported they were produced in New Jersey. SF- Apr 9, 2009 #4. This is a limited lifetime warranty that is not transferable. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. There is a four-digit serial number stamped into the back (underside) of most ukelins. The Oscar Schmidt Company has been a leading manufacturer of autoharps and other stringed instruments since 1871. I am trying to find out when and where it was made. Any ideas?? I bookmarked this site for even more questions Oscar Schmidt AC448 Autoharp Case. All pads were checked to make sure none were missing and they were firmly attached. Their strings are widely used by professional players and casual enthusiasts. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at There were also small competitors with just as much right to the name, like the Williams & Sons company in Toronto, Canada. We offer their full line of single autoharp strings for your convenience. 12 Chord Oscar Schmidt AutoharpLot number 5431 on back (This is not a serial number)To prep this Autoharp for another ten years of service we have disassembled the Autoharp. I have a Oscar Schmidt Autoharp 12 cord with model number on it. This is a "Golden Autoharp" manufactured by Oscar Schmidt expressly for The National Autoharp Sales Company which marketed them mainly to school teachers between about 1950 and 1963. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Original Filing Basis 1A. "Oscar Schmidt" and "60" appear inside the piece as well as "1879"and "1979." 2) pre-ban vs. Post ban does still matter for other states. Harpgirl can connect you with a parts supplier thru the AutoHarp Quarterly. True working condition is unknown. The serial number, 5317, indicates that it was manufactured in the 17th week of 1953. $119.95 $ 119. … From United States +C $42.26 shipping estimate. Some were partnerships, one of the more notable being "Menzenhauer and Schmidt". 3 watchers. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Many people who aren't guitarists sell Fender guitars every year on sites such as eBay and Craigslist for much less than the instrument is worth. Keep in mind that not all estimated values are obtained, your geographic area plays a big role in what prices can be obtained. My price is firm. Review Photos, Inspection is recommended . The serial number is 7083. It has an onboard chromatic tuner Model OT-1. Oscar Schmidt registered the trademark Autoharp in 1926, even though he didn't invent the term, and autoharp-like instruments had been produced for over three decades before he got into the business. Is there a book or manual I can purchase in order to obtain more information? Any help is appreciated. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Question: I am attaching a photo of an autoharp I own. Schmidt (and later, his successors) had affiliations with an army of "companies". It has an estimated value on the current market for $250.00-300.00. 4.3 out of 5 stars 58. Have since re-tuned it (twice - one when I first got it a few weeks ago and an update yesterday after the strings settled), replaced one broken string, fixed one of the bars (The G was a G minor), and meticulously cleaned. There is a tuning tool and some picks along with the warranty card and owners manual. Look oscar the chrome plated pin cover at the bottom of the harp for a serial number, there maybe a model number there too, Its been a while since I worked on Autoharps. Thank you. Model: OS-12B ; Serial Number: 755X ; Country of Origin: N/A; Type: AutoHarp; Case Included: Yes; Accessories Included: No; Cosmetic Condition: good-minor scratches. And is missing some strings. Current Filing Basis 1A. Get a great deal with this online auction presented by on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. 4.3 out of 5 stars 13. Finally, around the mid to late 1920s, we arrive at the best-known of the autoharp mass-producers, the Oscar Schmidt companies. This is a 100th anniversary edition of the venerable Oscar Schmidt OS15B Autoharp(serial number 900999) It is in very good shape and comes with a case. It was delivered yesterday, and I can't tell you how disappointed I am. Oscar Schmidt instruments are warranted to be free from defective materials and workmanship from date of purchase to the original purchaser when purchased from an authorized Oscar Schmidt dealer. 00. Is your serial number on the rifle a pre-94 ban or is it just in a 'pre-ban' configuration? A friend has a very nice old Oscar Schmidt autoharp with its original. PortAharP Autoharp Port A Harp auto harp By Rhythm With Key 23”-12” Pre-Owned. In 1912, Washburn introduced the Lakeside Jumbo guitar, which some consider the first.... Washburn Guitars Serial Number Lookup Washburn Acoustic Serial Numbers ... New guitar games are rumored to be in development for Xbox One and.... Washburn Guitars has a storied history that started in Chicago in 1883. Registration Number 0227835. . Great deals on Oscar Schmidt Vintage Autoharps & Zithers. I talked to Bushmaster and the date of manufacture was 3/11/94. Old autoharp,serial number6320, is there some kind of database,where I. start_elivehelp_btncode … Launched from my store- Powered by . Shop 21 Chord Autoharp by Oscar Schmidt on Chromaharp on Oscar Schmidt: Year: Make/Brand: 1965: Oscar Schmidt : Condition: Category: Inventory ID: Used/See Description: Music/Musical Equipment Harp-9148: Condition: Category: Used/See Description: Music/Musical Equipment Inventory ID: Harp-9148: AutoHarp . I can't determine the age of the autoharp, there are no dates or serial numbers on this thing anywhere. OSCAR SCHMIDT (1857 – 1929) W. F. (Frederick) MENZENHAUER (1858 – 1937) The Oscar Schmidt company was founded in the late 1890’s and incorporated in 1911. The bottom of the harp for a serial number, there maybe a model number there. How can I find the year it was made and - Answered by a verified Musical Instrument Appraiser . Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. The wood is maple in front and mahogany in back with a natural gloss finish. Oscar Schmidt 12-chord autoharp Recently purchased for $100. 95 $129.90 $129.90. Registration Date May 17, 1927. This number is in fact a batch number. Vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp. $109.00 $ 109. It is in good condition overall. The paperwork is old, but again, there aren't any dates. FREE Shipping. Oscar Schmidt Auto-Harp. Good Luck, Don. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Filing Date October 28, 1926. 0s-45b Oscar Schmidt Vintage Autoharp (76.5% similar) Oscar Schmidt autoharp model : 0s-45b, serial no: chords, black gig bag, tuning wrench, felt pick this instrument has been used very little and appears to be in excellent condition....(posted on March 31st, 2017) Serial Number: unknown Packaging: Original Case. C $824.47 . More Buying Choices $104.95 (2 new offers) Oscar Schmidt AC449 Autoharp Case. From United States. Sep 6, 2016 - A handcrafted The Appalachian autoharp by Oscar Schmidt, model OS45C and serial number 000415. Just refelt autoharp bars. Shows minor wear. Comes with case shown No other accessories included. This is a beautiful Oscar Schmidt Limited Edition 21 Chord Autoharp with soft case. Their model A strings are for autoharps built before 1967. 1 product rating - Oscar Schmidt OS11021FNE 21-Chord Acoustic Electric Autoharp w/ Gig Bag, Natural. Set of 36 Ball-End Strings for Model B Oscar Schmidt Autoharp. It is in excellent condition. I just bought a 21-chord Oscar Schmidt OS-45C Autoharp (serial number 930284) online, that was allegedly in "mint condition." Serial Number 71239369. The assult weapons law was passed on September 13, 1994. The most significant problem is that the sound doesn't compare to my 15-chord Chromaharp that I bought from the window of a music shop about six years ago. Perhaps Elderly has Harp parts or try Musickits. Incidentally, Chromaharp also came out with a 21-chord autoharp. Buy It Now. Some were generic company names like "Manufacturers Advertising Company". Get a great deal with this online auction for a autoharp presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. It is model number OS-110-21FN with the serial number DC09120009. Vinage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp- 21 Cords-Case,Tuner,Picks-Tuned Ready to Play! FREE Shipping. P.S. The autoharp is a Oscar Schmidt. Buy It Now. I have an Oscar Schmidt OS45c Appalachain Autoharp. Will include a few finger and thumb picks that I have since purchased. The Autoharp seems to play ok. All the chord buttons/bars seem to work correctly. Determining the value of a Fender guitar for insurance or resale purposes can ensure that you receive full value for your guitar. Oscar Schmidt AutoHarp. Can you help me with this? Get the guaranteed best price on Autoharps like the Oscar Schmidt OS-21C Autoharp at Musician's Friend. Enjoy! This is constructed of a spruce top and a maple body with a laminated rock maple pin block. Serial number 6112* USED This was just traded in this week.

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